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Civil Defense Emergency Preparedness Posters

In May of 2006 Terrell Monroe sent me photos of this set of poster/signs. He got this set at a flea market type sale at a mall in North Carolina. I was pretty baffled at the sight of these things at first. These posters have a different "look" than other Civil Defense stuff of the era. Terrell informed me that they have "U.S. Government Printing Office 1965" in the lower right hand corner of each one. They were obviously released by the federal govt. The thing that most puzzled me was the absence of the CD emblem. Instead they prominently display the triangle emblem from the fallout shelter sign without the whole shelter sign. That made them even more strange to me. After a few e-mail's back and forth Terrell and I came to the speculative conclusion that these posters were probably released by the USDA. The mention of the County Extension and thel rural "feel" of the posters is what led us to this conclusion. Also the use of the shelter sign triangles instead of the CD emblem makes me think they were issued by another agency other than OCD. I'm guessing that since they aren't OCD issue that's why the CD emblem wasn't put on them. An identifiable emblem was needed so they used the shelter triangles without the rest of the shelter sign. Just a guess but it seems to make sense to me.