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Early FCDA Poster Series 1B Images From The Truman Presidential Library And Museum

In April 2008 D.A. Christian, the Kansas City Emergency Management Director, sent me these images of 11-1952 Federal Civil Defense Administration issue posters. These posters are labeled "Series 1B" and all dated 1952. Pictured are posters #1 and #3-12. Poster number 2 in the series isn't shown. I don't know if there were more than 12 posters in the series. These posters are in the documents archives at the Truman Presidential Library and Museum in Missouri. Since these posters were issued in the middle of the Korean War they have much darker wartime look than the later 1950s early 1960s Civil Defense posters. Many of these posters have the signiture "LEE" on them like some of the later Civil Defense posters. Whoever "Lee" was I have no idea. Thanks to D.A. Christian for the images!