This Collin County, McKinney Texas CSP is the same layout as the other small town Texas pamphlet CSPs but I was not able to scan it because this Collin County CSP is part of the Collin County History Musuem's collection. I visited the museum again in early 2018 (I stopped by there back when I recoverd the packaged disaster items in McKinney in 2001) after I was contacted by one of the volunteers at the museum about a sanitation kit they have. The museum is located in the old post office building in McKinney. The old post office in McKinney was designated as a shelter location and I even have the shipping document which shows that supplies were desigated for that location but the old post office isn't on the Collin County CSP. I believe the old post office was used by Collin County Civil Defense for a time so maybe it wasn't included on the CSP because it served as an operations center? I don't know. One photo of the post office building that the museum has shows a shelter sign on the wall by the west entrance so it was marked publicly as a shelter. If I recall correctly during my first visit to the museum in 2001 I was told by one of the museum staff that the sign pictured below was over the west entrance to the building back when it was used by civil defense.

Collin County Civil Defense Sign
Collin County CSP Plano Map Collin County CSP Shelter List McKinney, Plano and Farmersville

Collin County CSP Farmersville Map

Collin County CSP County Map Collin County CSP McKinney Map