This style of CSP was used in smaller poplulated counties in Texas. I have found several of these types of CSPs all with the same layout. The outer panels of the pamphlets have general civil defense information and the inside has the maps for the specific county that published the pamphlet. This particular Gillespie County CSP is addressed to my Mom's Aunt Hulda Baethge on West Travis Street in Fredericksburg Tx. I also have my grandparents Gillespie County CSP. They also lived on West Travis just a few houses down from Aunt Hulda. One of the shelters on this CSP can be seen in the shelter tours section Community Savings And Load Association Building, Fredericksburg, Texas.

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Gillespie County, Texas CSP Panel 1
Gillespie County, Texas CSP Panel 3 Gillespie County, Texas CSP Panel 4