I got this Jefferson County, Washington CSP from Mr. Alfred Chiswell of the Puget Sound Coastal Artillery Museum in Port Townsend, Washington. This is another example of me losing track of Civil Defense material that people are kind enough to send me. Mr. Chiswell sent me this CSP along with a photos of a display he put up at the museum back in 2005. Well it's labor day weekend 2015 and I am going through piles of material and came across this CSP. I then remembered that I also recieved photos from a Mr. Justin Bury who toured the museum back then. Justin sent me photos of the museum's Civil Defense display. I put a page together about the Artillery Site about it but never linked to it anywhere on the site. Oh brother! Well, here everything is 10 years after it was sent to me.

Sorry Alfred and Justin for taking so long! Click images to see larger.

Jefferson County CSP Letter
Jefferson County CSP Jefferson County CSP