Civil Defense Emergency Hospital/Packaged Disaster Hospital

Packaged Disaster Hospital, Columbus, Texas

In 2003 David Stall of Columbus, Texas was kind enough to take these photos of an undistrurbed Civil Defense Packaged Disaster Hospital stock that was still in place in Columbus, Texas. I thought I would put together this photo album of some of the photos. Of course it is a whole different experience seeing a stock like this first-hand but you can get an idea of the work that must have been involved in distributing these across the country. At one time there were over 1900 of these in storage nationwide. According to Mr. Stall the last of the prescription drugs were removed from the stock along with of some other of the items that had passed their shelf life in May, 1976. The label in the top left photo has the serial number 57/544. That would make this a Model 57 PDH.
This stock of supplies was split up and sold at auction somewhere around 2010. I can't remember the exact date.
Thanks David for the photos!
To see a larger version of each photo just click on the photo.

CDEH Label FBI Warning Label CDEH Crates
CDEH Crates CDEH Cots CDEH Crates
CDEH Crates CDEH Crates CDEH Crates
CDEH Crates CDEH Fuel Cans CDEH Oxygen and Nitrous Tanks
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