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Fallout Shelter Virtual Tours

Featured in this section are a series of "walk through" virtual tours of different types of fallout/blast shelters, emergency operations center shelters and federal government shelters.

The Old Dallas EOC
A virtual photo tour and video walk-through of the old Dallas Civil Defense Emergency Operations shelter located under the old Science Place building (originally the Health and Science Museum) at Fair Park in Dallas. This EOC is no longer in use by the City of Dallas.

The Old Grand Prairie EOC

A virtual tour of the old Grand Prairie Civil Defense Emergency Operations Center located behind the old Police Station in Grand Prairie Texas. This EOC is no longer in use and is in pretty bad shape. It had about 10 inches of water in it when I took the photos shown.

Virtual Community Fallout Shelter Tours Main Page
Community Fallout Shelters were shelters designated with the standard yellow and black Fallout Shelter sign and were to be used by the public. These shelters were intended for protection from fallout radiation only, and depending upon the type of building they were in, may have offered some blast protection. I tried to do a kind of "walk-through" photo set for each shelter and did manage a walk-through video of one shelter.

The Home Shelter Main Page
I have three virtual tours of home shelters here. One is located in the Dallas area, another is in Massachusetts and the third is in Austin, Texas. The Massachusetts photos were sent to me by via e-mail from an individual who found my site and offered me the photos for the tour. Also included is a page of photos of the demonstration shelter at Zilker Park in Austin, Texas. While it's not located at a home it is a shelter intended for family use.

Federal Government Shelters
The Greenbrier Congressional Relocation Bunker photos were taken and sent to me by Mr. Lenox Carruth. The Denton Federal Center was DOD OCD Region V headquarters and is located in Denton Texas and is still used by FEMA. page