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Federal Center
Denton, Texas

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Civil Defense Museum
Security Center

The bunker security center. Monitors both security and fire alarms.

Lounge Area

One of the lounge areas outside the dormitory areas. There is one lounge area for every two dormitory areas. They must have been crowded! The door to the left leads to the following dormitory area. The lounges were kept stocked with current magazines.

Dormitory Area

These are not the original dormitory bunks but have been installed to show what the living conditions were like. There are 18 dormitories on two levels of the facility containing wall lockers and metal bunk beds. Each dormitory can sleep 60 persons, and there are shower and toilet facilities as well as a small lounge.

Restroom off of one of the dormitory areas.

Dormitory with the original bunks. Note storage locker for individual items, drawers under bunks, and privacy screens.

Hospital Area

The hospital area contained a 12-bed ward, medical and dental operating rooms, a x-ray area, a laboratory, an intensive care unit, a nurse call station, examining rooms, a pharmacy and a reception area.

Another part of the hospital area and operating room in the hospital area.


Cafeteria designed to feed 400 persons at one seating. The kitchen is fully equipped with food storage, preparation and serving areas. The entire cafeteria/kitchen area covers more than 7,500 square feet.

Food Supply

Part of the original food supply that was left at the time the facility was decommissioned.

"Television repair shop."

"Television repair shop." During the life of the facility, continual updating of communications gear and other equipment and recycling of supplies was effected so that the facility was always in a current fully-operational status. There were 12 government personnel assigned to the facility as well as a similar number of Greenbrier employees. The government personnel used the cover of television repair people. They actually maintained the Greenbrier's television equipment as well as the entire bunker. There is a false wall in a closet of this room which allowed direct entry into the cafeteria of the bunker. This was actually inside of the bunker but just off of the exhibit hall so appeared to be a part of the hotel.

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