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Zilker Park Fallout Shelter Austin, Texas
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This shelter is located under a home in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The shelter was built as part of the original construction of the house and is located underneath the attached garage. The current homeowner is not the original owner so some details of the shelter, such as when it was constructed, are not known. From the placement of the shelter it must have been built at the same time the garage was built. The shelter is located under the garage of the home. In my opinion this is about as serious as it gets as far as a home shelter goes. I can't imagine how much it must have cost to build this thing. The upper area of this shelter is used regularly by the family today because the ground level concrete room itself is a great saferoom for severe weather and tornadoes.
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Shelter Entry/Blast Door

This is the entry door to the shelter. The door opens into a closet sized room with concrete walls that are about 10 inches thick. The door is concrete poured into a wedge shaped metal pan with hinges. The door opens very smoothly with some effort. There is a air vent pipe coming out of the top of the entry and going up through the roof of the garage. This entry room is located at the end of the garage away from the main house. The entry hatch to the underground section of the shelter is to the left through the door.

Shelter Ground Level Room and Hatch To Underground Room
The above left photo shows inside the room looking back at the closed door. The bar on the door swings up and secures with a large bolt to lock the door from the inside. The ground level room is about 3 feet wide by 8 feet long on the inside.
The above center and right photos show the hatch on the floor of the room. The hatch is simply a metal cover that goes over the opening in the floor. There is no hinge on the cover, it just lifts up off of the entry pipe coming out of the floor. The entry door to the garage is to the immediate left.

This photo was taken looking down the hatch into the shelter below. You can see the curve of the shelter wall at the base of the ladder. The entry to the belowground room is thorugh a metal pipe that connects to the top of the underground room.

Go down the ladder.


See the air vents outside.


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