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UPDATES... Last Update January 3, 2018

January 3, 2018 Still working on re-doing the whole site. Finally getting down to the end, I hope, with finishing the Warning Sirens Section.
I added some new pages to the sirens section with separate sections for Other Siren Projects. This section shows the Thunderbolt 1003 from Sherman Texas and I added two pages for the Thunderbolt 1003 I got from Arkansas and only had for a short time back in 2010 and I also added a page for the Thunderbolt 1000 I got from Fort Worth Texas. Thanks Bryan!

Another Note On The Site Rebuild. Some of the bottom navigations links haven't been fixed yet so some will lead to old pages.

June 2017 - Starting to mess around with updating the format of this site. It's going to be a nightmare. I'm starting with the main page and then will be moving on to each section. The main navigation bar is now at the top of the page and a larger site index of links can be found at the bottom of the main page. I'm learning (I hope) as I go so the look will probably be changing again. Whatever...

May 2017 - Added a load of scanned documents to the very top of the Documents Page.
04-17-2017 - Added The Monroe County Indiana Shelter Study to the bottom of the Community Shelter Plan Page.
04-16-2017 - Added a FEMA Civil Defense Policy Monograph PDF File to the History Page.
01-8-2017 - Added photos of an old AF timer and PGA timer to the Siren Controls Page.
07-11-2016 - Added photos of another set of shelter models to the Fallout Shelter Models Page.
09-06-2015 - Finally adding a link to the Puget Sound Artillery Museum at Fort Worden page.
09-06-2015 - Added the Jefferson County, Washington CSP to the bottom of the CSP Page.
08-23-2015 - Added a PVK demonstration video to the Package Ventilation Kit Page.

This virtual museum is dedicated to the Civil Defense and emergency workers of the United States who worked to protect the public from nuclear attack. Thankfully, their services, in that aspect, were never needed. This virtual museum is for historical purposes and does not make fun of civil defense, however, I do throw in a few "light" comments here and there.

There are many aspects of the Civil Defense program that may seem funny today, but the period after World War II was a very scary time. Civil defense officials and volunteers during that time were very serious about their work and I believe they deserve respect for their efforts. They rendered emergency services after natural and man-made disasters and would have had an impossible task had there ever been a nuclear war.

The answer to the question I often get "where is your museum located?" is that this is only an online museum. I have only ever had one public display of any of my collection items in the almost 20 years I have had this site up and that was at the Allen Public Library for the month of February 2003. Sure I would love to be able to permanantly display this stuff but I have no idea where I could do that.

News photos and articles on the Dallas EOC Shelter tour pages were used with permission of the Dallas Morning News.
Photos on the Corps of Engineers Shelter Photos Page were used with permission of the US Army Corps Of Engineers.
All artwork in the Art Gallery is now public domain government artwork.

All photos I have taken in this virtual museum, along with any text I have written on these pages, are property of the Civil Defense Museum and are not to be used without permission of the Civil Defense Museum.

Thank You
Eric Green

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