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City Of Dallas, Texas Old Siren System

City Of Dallas Siren System Maps From 1974 Emergency Operations Plan

Dallas Siren Map

These map scans are from the old City of Dallas 1974 Civil Defense Emergency Operations plan. Most of the sirens on the maps are located at fire stations which is where the city installed their first sirens in 1959. According to the articles below those sirens were controlled by the fire personnel at the stations. The radio controlled sirens on these maps were added later though I don't know exactly when. Dallas added additional sirens again in the late 1970s. The city also moved some of the existing sirens to other locations at this time as well. As of 2014 the entire old Dallas siren system is now out of use and a new system of Federal 2001 sirens has been installed and as of November 2014 almost all of the old sirens still remain standing. These scans are fairly large image files so they might take a while to load.

Dallas Siren Map Quadrant 1
Dallas Siren Map Quadrant 2
Dallas Siren Map Quadrant 3
Dallas Siren Map Quadrant 4

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