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Fort Worth, Texas Old Siren System
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Here are 22 photos of 22 sirens from my first trip over to Fort Worth to photograph their old siren system. There are more photos on page 2 and 3. There were 71 sirens in the old Fort Worth system. When I photographed these old sirens in 2005 they were all still up except for one.

I never would have done all this if they had all of the same type of siren in their old system. There were five different types of sirens from two different manufacturers. The first batch of sirens Fort Worth installed was a system of Federal Thunderbolts, STH-10s and SD-10s. It's obvious looking at the installations of the Federals that these were done all at the same time. I wish I had a date when they were installed but I would guesstimate that is must have been sometime in the mid-1950s or so. I believe all the old Thunderbolt sirens were 1000 single tone models.

The system was added to with some ACA (Alerting Communicators of America now American Signal) sirens later. I'm not sure of the date the ACA sirens were installed. Maybe mid to late 1970s? The ACA additions are Allertors and Penetrators. I believe the Penetrators are P-10s but I'm not sure. Some of the Penetrators are light blue-gray in color. These look like newer sirens to me but again I'm not sure of the age I'm just going by their appearance. Just taking a wild guess I think the Allertors and yellow Penetrators are the same age and the light blue-gray Penetrators are a bit newer. Who knows.

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