City Of Fort Worth, Texas, Old Siren System - Page 3

Here are 16 photos of 13 sirens from my third trip to Fort Worth. Now, I can't believe that I actually drove around and took photos of every one of these things. Bottom row last 3 pics are of the Thunderbolt on top of the Police and Courts Building. This is the only roof-mount Thunderbolt I have seen in person. A special thanks to the Fort Worth city folks who took me up there to take the photos.

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ACA Penetrator ACA Penetrator ACA Penetrator Federal STH-10
Federal Thunderbolt ACA Allertor ACA Allertor ACA Penetrator
Federal SD-10 ACA Allertor ACA Allertor ACA Allertor
ACA Allertor Federal Thunderbolt Federal Thunderbolt Federal Thunderbolt RCM Panel
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