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Here are some various siren photos I have accumulated over the years.

Denver Siren McKinney Texas.

This old monster was sitting behind the former main fire station in McKinney, Texas. It is about 6 feet long and 2 feet wide and I bet it weighs a ton. It has a iron base that is mounted onto a steel frame with a little roof cover protector on top. The steel frame and cover aren't part of the original siren unit. The name cast into the base is "Denver Siren." I was able to flip the motor cover up to reveal a 5 HP 3 phase motor. See photos below. Click to see larger.

Sentry 20V2T Allen, Texas

This Sentry 20V2T overlooked the intersection of Bethany and Jupiter in Allen Texas for about 20 years. I didn't realize how rare of a siren it was until I e-mailed Scott Yarberry at Sentry siren about it. Here's what Scott had to say about this siren....

"Way to go, you have found one of only about 50 of the square horned 20V2T’s made in the early to mid 80’s. These were only produced for a short time and were scrapped due to the time required to produce the horns. The rated output was 128, and most were shipped with the horns extended (which made for a huge crate). If there are more questions we can answer, please let us know."

This siren was removed in August of 2004 and sold at auction. I have no idea what became of it. Hopefully it was returned to service somewhere.
Click the photos below to see larger versions.

After removal with the Allen Thunderbolt and 2T22.
Note how large the 20V2T is next to the other sirens.

Sterling Model "M" Fredericksburg, Texas.

This old Sterling siren was mounted on an old concrete water tower in Fredericksburg Texas. I took this photo in July of 2001. When I was in Fredericksburg in July 2003 this siren had been disconnected but was still on the concrete tower. The original Sterling Automatic Control was still in place in 2001 but was gone in July of 2003. I think the city was still using the siren up to the time it was disonnected. It looked like it was still operational to me when I took the photos in July 2001. See the Sterling Controller Below.

Sterling Siren Automatic Control

This controller was mounted on a telephone pole across the parking lot from where the water tower. The box was unlocked so I opened it to get the photos. I have a copy of a 1928 Sterling Siren catalog with a photo of this controller in it. The controller appears to operate by turning the cams on the right of the mechanism. I couldn't see what kind of contacts were behind the cams. I didn't get a good enough look at the thing to see how it operates. I believe that is a remote control phone relay box in the lower left of the photo.