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Here are few news articles from the Dallas Times Herald and Dallas Morning News.
These articles are from 1959 when the city of Dallas just got their first sirens.
I will post the articles as soon as I get them scanned and uploaded.
Permission to use these articles and pictures is pending from The Dallas News.

From a 1959 Dallas Morning News article, here is a picture of one of the city of Dallas's new Thunderbolt sirens. This siren is most likely still part of their siren system today. This siren must have just been uncrated since it is still in it's shipping configuration.

A December 1959 article from the Dallas Times Herald just before the first city wide siren test. It says that this siren is on top of the downtown central fire station. The central fire station was converted many years ago into a small office building. I don't ever remember seeing a siren on top of the building so this siren must have been relocated long ago. The siren in the picture is obviously a roof mounted siren. Note the ladder and guy wires.

Monday December 7, 1959 Dallas Morning News article. The day after the first siren test. The first sirens the city put up were all at fire stations. The sirens were activated by fire fighters at the stations after being notified by phone to turn on the sirens. Note the old style AR siren timer.