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ACA Hurricane 130
In October of 2010 an Illinois warning siren enthusiast obtained what most likely is the only remaining ACA (Alerting Communicators of America) Hurricane 130 siren. This siren was located on a radio tower in Centralia Illinois. The Hurricane 130 was the first version of the ACA Hurricane siren which ACA later changed to the Hurricane MKII. A MKII Hurricane can be seen on this page on this site.

The Hurricane 130 has a 2 hp dual rotor siren chopper motor mounted inside the can-like assembly where the siren horn attaches. The siren chopper port ratio on this siren is 10/8 which means that one siren rotor has 10 ports and the other rotor has 8 ports. The horn is rotated by a 1/4Hp single phase motor. The horn/rotator/chopper mechanism rotates all as one unit with the rotator motor enclosed inside at the base of the unit. The ground mounted blower, which is a 25Hp direct drive roots blower, pumps a pressurized high volume of air up through the siren chopper which results in a very high sound output. Here are several photos that the current owner of the siren sent to me. Click on photos to see larger.

ACA Hurricane 130 On Tower In Centralia Illinois

Removal From Tower

After Removal And Transport Home

ACA Hurricane 130 Detail Photos

Direct Drive Blower

Hurricane 130 Chopper Motor With Federal Model 2 Siren

Rotator Mechanism Of Hurricane 130

Chain Drive At Bottom Of Rotator Mechanism

Youtube video of Hurricane 130 chopper motor test.