Jordan Electronic Manufacturing Co.
Model AG-500

 Manufactured by Jordan Electronic Mfg. Co. Inc., Pasadena California.
Serial Number :  2132     Made in 1953
  The detector is an ion chamber.
Ranges: 0.5 – 500 mR/h and 0.5 – 500 R/h
Dimensions: 5¼” Long x 3½” Wide x 6¾” Tall  /  All aluminum case.
Pegs are included for a carry strap, but I did not receive one.
The handle will fold over to the left or right side,

Close-up of meter face & Nameplate

Schematic are glued to bottom of case.
Alignment marks on outside of case for use in calibration.

Inside View

View Of Bottom & Battery Box

Unit takes 7 batteries, type and voltage is unknown.

Belt hook mounted to side of case.
Close-up of control panel. The letters are engraved.

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