Bell Products Company
Simulated Geiger Counter

This toy Atomic Geiger Counter includes the following features: The blue switch under the handle is the power control switch. This unit uses a battery of unknown type.
The meter was supposed to move and make buzzing sounds.
The sensitivity control knob is on the right side of the unit but is broken and missing from mine.
Made of Styron®  475 polystyrene, these toys were also available in red and blue.

Dimensions:  7¼" Long x 2¾" Wide x 4¾" Tall including handle.

Styron is a trademark of The Dow Chemical Company

Close-Up of Radiation Intensity Meter & Ray Compensator
The "Radiation Intensity" meter has a scale of -3 to +3
This one unit measures all different types of radioactivity with one built in probe on the front.

This meter was also able to locate ferrous metals.

The above photograph shows an original box that these toys came in. I did not get one with mine.
This photograph is courtesy of "Tim". Thank you for letting me use it.

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