British Military
Meter, Contamination, No. 1

Meter, Contamination, No. 1
Catalog Number 5CG0012

This complete set includes the following:

Geiger Counter / CV2246
Probe / Catalog Number 5CG0033
Indicating Unit / Catalog Number 5CG0034
Haversack / 5CG0035
Connector / Catalog Number 5CG0036

Also included is a small tool to adjust the supply voltage.
The "Power Unit Vibrator" Number 6665-110029 is missing from this set.

This set is marked with the British "Broad Arrow" and dated 1954.

Probe / Catalog Number 5CG0033 /  Serial Number 7459
Two views, probe alone and probe with CV2246 Geiger Counter Tube and connector cable.
This unit will also accept a CV2247 Geiger Counter tube.

Indicating Unit / Catalog Number 5CG0034 / Serial Number 7459
On the far left is a socket to plug in a headset that is not included. Top left is the main on/off switch.
The cover marked "A" on bottom left is moved to the left to adjust the voltage going to the probe.
On the far right top is the socket for the connector cable from the GM probe. Far right bottom is the
standard humidity indicator found on the British Military units. The switch on top on left is to test the
supply voltage and the cover below it marked "B" is moved to the right to allow adjustment of the
supply voltage. The two wire handles come swing up and over the  top of the unit and attach together.

View of  Connector / Catalog Number 5CG0036 & Geiger Counter / CV2246
The GM tube has a thick rubber cover.
The modification plate shows that modification number one has been done, but I do not know what it is.

Close-up of Meter Face

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