British Military
Meter, Survey, Radiac, No. 2

Meter, Survey, Radiac, No. 2
Complete Set - NSN 6665-110130
Measures 0 - 300 Roentgens / Hour
Measures Gamma - Detects Beta
Uses a built-in ionisation chamber as the detecting element.
Includes Haversack No. 6, small screwdriver to adjust zero, instruction card and manual.
The haversack is poly vinyl cloride (PVC) impregnated cloth. Vinyl handle folds flat when not in use.
Uses 2 - 1½ volt batteries / 1 - 9 volt battery / 1 - 30 volt battery
Manufactured by: E.K. Cole Ltd. England / Also known as: Eric Kirkham Cole Limited  /  EKCO
Dimensions: 9 ¼" long x 5¾" high x 3¾" wide
Serial Number: 27732/D

Meter Number: NSN 6665-110008 & Meter Close-up
The meter scale changes like the US Navy PDR-27, PDR-43 or PDR-56 series Radiacmeters.
Instead of using one scale and a multiplier, it changes the scale and color.There is a "flag" that  moves
to indicate whether the meter is on or off.  The range switch has 4 positions:
0 - 3 r/hr / Scale Indicator White (shown)
0 - 30 r/hr / Scale Indicator Blue
0 - 300 r/hr / Scale Indicator Red
Set Zero / White Scale Indicator
The meter can be read while in the carry case and a side flap opens to allow access to the controls.

Side Control Panel & Operating Instructions
Batteries are located under the plate, left of the control knobs.

Inside View
All cast aluminum construction, with rubber gaskets to insure being waterproof.

Component Views
Unit has a modification record label inside showing mods 1, 3 & 4 have been done, and
a label on the outside showing mods 4,7,8 & 9 have been done, but no indication of what they are.

Ready For Beta Detection
By removing the base plate from bottom the unit, this meter can be used to detect beta radiation.
A beta sheild is mounted and held in position by a clip, shown at either end of the unit.
The left photograph shows the plate covering the detector unit and blocking beta radiation.
The right photograph shows the plate moved to allow detecting of beta radiation.

On Left: Meter, Dose Rate, Portable, Trainer, No. 1
On Right: Meter, Survey, Radiac No. 2

These are companion models, the trainer is used to teach the use of the Radiac Model No.  2.
The range is low so it will detect the weak training sources used to simulate radioactive fallout.

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