Office Of Civil Defense
Item Number CD V-705

CD V-705 Speakers
CD V-705 Loudspeaker
The CD V-705 amplifies the pulses usually heard in the headphones on a CD V-700.The unit will produce
one pulse for in the loadspeaker for each output pulse of the Geiger counter over the entire range of pulse
rates up to 30,000 counts per minute. Used as a training aid, they will mount to most CD V-700
Geiger Counters. They do not attach to the model 2, 3 and 4 very well.
These units are designed to be dust proof and resistant to the effects of high humidity, however they are
not waterproof, and sharp objects should not be allowed to penetrate the holes covering the speaker.

Government price in 1969: $17.63
Government Procurement - Fiscal Year 1955 - 1985 10,000

Inside View
Jordan Electronics
CD V-705 Model 1

Serial Number: 450
(On left in top picture)
Uses 2  "D" size 1 ½ volt batteries.
This unit is all steel with schematics inside the case.
Size is 4" x 4" x 1 ¾"

Inside View
 University Sound
CD V-705 Model 2

Serial Number: 7595
(On right in top picture)
Uses 2  "D" size 1 ½ volt batteries.
This unit is all aluminum with schematics inside the case.
Size is 4 ½" x 4 ½" x 2 ½"

University Sound CD V-705 model 2 speaker
shown mounted on a Lionel CD V-700 Model 6b.

Jordan Electronics CD V-705 model 1 speaker
shown mounted on a Anton CD V-700 Model 5.
Click each photo to see a larger version.

Here is an alternative to the CD V-705

Here is another way to get sound from your CD V-700
This will open an Adobe Acrobat PDF file.

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