Office Of Civil Defense
Item Number CD V-711

Nuclear-Chicago CD V-711 Mark III

Nuclear-Chicago Corporation
CD V-711 Mark III Remote Radiological Survey Meter

The CD V-711 Mark III measures gamma radiation up to 10,000 roentgens per hour, over 5 scales.
Note: at 10,000 R/HR you would receive a lethal  (600 R) dose in 3.6 minutes.
This model uses a remote (up to 2,000 feet) mounted hermetically sealed ion chamber, and was
designated for use by Emergency Operations Centers.

Meter dimensions: 9" Tall x 5½" Wide x 4¾" Deep  /  Serial Number: 107
Detector Dimensions: 6½" Tall x 4" Diameter Cover x 6" Diameter Base  /  Serial Number 63

This was considered a "low cost" version of the CD V-711
Unlike theCD V-711 Model 2, the Mark III does not use a blast proof detector, or have a lighted dial.
Accuracy is rated at ± 20 %, calibration is done with a CD V-797 using a 15 millicurie Cesium-137 source.

Government price in 1969: $450.00

Government Procurement - Fiscal Year 1955-1985   200 Units

Left And Right Inside Views

Bottom Inside View
The Mark III model uses 3 "D" size 1 ½ volt batteries.
This unit has a cast cast aluminum top and steel bottom with schematics glued inside the case.

End Inside Views

Close-Up of Meter Face And Controls
The remote detector attaches via a dual cable to the BNC connectors.
This unit powers up and passes the circuit check and zero functions, but is otherwise un-tested.

Remote Detector and Cable
This is Part Number 83045D with Serial Number 63
I did not measure the length of the cable, but it appears to be about 100 feet.

View of Detector and Nameplate
Dimensions for the detector: 6½" Tall x 4" Diameter Cover x 6" Diameter Base
The olive drab cover is attached with (3) 5/64 hex head screws. The base has a bolt pattern of  5½".

The cover is anodized aluminum and the base is steel.
Click above photographs to view a larger version.

Inside Views of  Detector
The ion chamber attaches to the base with a BNC connector, and the Polarize Pot. attaches to the
underside of the chamber with a slide on spade connector. The ion chamber side is covered with black
vinyl and the cover is sealed with a rubber "O" ring at the base.
A piece of  ½" foam in the top of the
cover keeps the ion chamber from moving inside.

Click above photographs to view a larger version.

View of bottom of detector and cable connectors.
The cable has connectors on the detector end also as shown in the left picture.
The large BNC connector is for the "Detector Signal" connection on the meter unit, and the small connector
is for the "Polarize Pot." connection on the meter unit.
There is a strain relief where the cable enters
the side of the detector base.

Click above photographs to view a larger version.

The standard model used a blast proof (50 psi) detector, it has a switch to light the dial when
 pressed, but only has a range of 0 - 1000 roentgens / hour.
The remote sensor could be located up to 300 feet away.
The standard model uses 9 "D" size 1 ½ volt batteries

Government price of unit in 1969: $615.00

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