Office Of Civil Defense
Item Number CD V-717

CD V-717 Meters
Victoreen CD V-717 Radiological Survey Meter

The CD V-717 is a portable monitoring instrument which measures gamma radiation dose rates as high
as 500 roentgens per hour. It is designed to be used by radiological Civil Defense personnel in determining
radioactive contamination levels that may result from an enemy attack or other nuclear disasters.
Instrument accuracy on any of its four ranges is within ± 20% of the true dose rate from Cobalt 60 gamma
radiation. This accuracy is maintained throughout a temperature range of -20° F to +125° F, relative
humidities to 100% and at altitudes from sea level to 25,000 feet. Use of the remote cable feature
should give less than ± 5% change in reading. The case consists of three sections. The top section contains
the meter and almost all of the circuit. The bottom section contains the ion chamber and provides for
storage of the 25 feet of triaxial cable and the storage spool. The center section provides for electrically
connecting the circuit board on the top section to the ion chamber from the bottom section.
This unit can be operated as a hand held unit or in the remote configuration.

The detecting element is an hermetically sealed ionization chamber. This chamber is located in the lower
front portion of the bottom case section of the instrument to make the instrument nearly equally
 sensitive to radiation from the bottom and front.
 The ionization chamber plus the instrument case will together total more than 1000 mg/cm2 in
effective thickness to make the instrument insensitive to beta rays lower than 2 Mev in energy.
The ionization chamber is hermetically sealed to eliminate changes in sensitivity due to changes in air
pressure resulting from altitude changes, temperature changes, and moisture effects.

Meter reads 0 - 5 with switch selectable scales of:  x .01 / x .1 / x 10 / x 100

Above information from the Victoreen CD V-717 Model 1 manual.

Battery life is 150 hours of continuous use. This is based on the carbon/zinc batteries of the early
1960's, newer alkaline batteries should do much better.

Special Note:
The Handbook For Radiological Monitors
only refers to the CD V-717 as a modification of the CD V-715

Government cost in 1969: $30.82
Government Procurement - Fiscal Year 1955 - 1985 100,100

Victoreen CD V-717 Model 1
Unit shown ready to use in remote mode. Top and middle sections are together.

Victoreen CD V-717 Model 1
3 parts of the aluminum case. With 25 foot triaxial cable on spool in bottom section.
Inside View

Uses 1 "D" size 1 ½ volt battery.
Note that this unit has an all aluminum case.

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