Dosimeter Corporation Of America
Model 3007
Geiger Counter

Complete Set as Received
Standard civil defense headphones on the left, Radio Shack© headphones on the right.

Above Left: Meter With Probe   /
Beta Shield Open
Above Right: 
Probe Apart /  Anton 114/6993 G-M Tube

Price in 1989 = $290.00

Pretty normal so far...
read on.

Above Left :
The meter scale is wrong for a Geiger Counter. The range shown is 0 - 5 Roentgens / hour, way too high.
Normal scale for the CD V-700 series is 0 - 50 milliroentgens / hour
The meter is from a CD V-715, probably a Victoreen model.
Above Right :
The case bottom is also from a Victoreen CD V-715, you can tell by the latches and the calibration
marks formed into the case.

Above Left :
The inside view of the Dosimeter Corporation Model 3007
Above Right :
The inside view of a Lionel CD V-700 Model 6b, the only CD V-700 series that only uses two "D" cells.

Above Left :
Check source from a Universal Atomics CD V-700 Model 4, attached with double face tape.
 Above Right :
Another indication the bottom is from a Victoreen CD V-715, the marks show the center lines of the ion
chamber inside for calibration.

Above Left :
The knob area view of the Dosimeter Corporation Model 3007
A  push button switch for a battery check is installed, not found on Geiger Counters.
Notice the shape of the probe holder.
Above Right

The knob area view of the Lionel CD V-700 Model 6b.
The shape of the probe holder is only found on the Lionel model.

Above Left :
Precision Radiation Instruments Model 107B Clearly showing the probe.
Photograph Courtesy of Mike Cicora.
Above Right :
Now we know where that probe came from.

Note: The person I bought this from said that some changes were made by / for him.

A later version of this is still being sold here.

Model 909 Dosimeter Charger
Serial Number : 131-289
Uses 1 "D" size 1½
volt battery.
Price in 1989 = $90.00
Shown with: DCA Model 608

Inside View                                         Top View
Top and Far Right :
Model 608 Dosimeter
Measures 0 - 10 Roentgens  Serial Number : 611025

Price in 1989 = $99.00

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