Geiger Counter

The Detectron Company
Model DG-2 Geiger Counter
This Geiger Counter measures 0 - 20 mR/Hr over 3 scales. The DG-2 dates from 1955.
Steel case with steel top and aluminum handle, and is held together with 2 quarter-turn screws.
This model uses 4 batteries, (2) 1½ volt "D" cells and (2) 45 volt ANSI / NEDA-202 cells.
Dimensions: 6½" Long x 3¼" Wide x 7½" Tall  /  Serial Number: 2541818-C

Side views of the inside.
Note the Victoreen 1B85 GM tube at the bottom of the right photograph, this tube is in excellent
condition. These tubes operate at 900 volts. This is the smooth wall version made after 1953.

One "D" cell goes in the holder at the top, and one on the side as shown in the left photograph.
The 2 Eveready "455" batteries go in the space at the bottom.

End views of the inside.
Photograph on left shows one of the holders for a "D" cell. Photograph on right highlights modern
vacuum tube technology of the 1950's.

View of bottom of case.
The two quarter-turn screws are shown as is the Geiger Mueller tube area.

Close up views of meter face and control panel.
The meter has all three scales printed on it. The calibration pot is located under the aluminum cap.

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