United States Military
Device 11F7
Aerial Radiological
Survey Training Kit

Device 11F7 Set
The Device 11F7 is a classroom training kit to instruct military personnel on the use of a IM-174( ) /PD
Radiacmeter in a aerial survey mission. The set consists of various overlays used with an overhead
projector and assorted student handouts and supplies, and a operation and maintenance guide.
Included are 4 "Visual Casts" that are placed on the projector. 3 are regular transparencies and one is
 an animated representation of an IM-174( )/PD Radiacmeter. Included with the set but not received
is a 15 minute tape recording of a mock aerial survey mission to be played for the students while the
VC 3 animated transparency is on the projector. The transcript of the tape recording is included with
the manual and could be re-created, however.

Also included with this set but not received:
Laminated Maps, DA Form 1971-1-R Data Sheets, Rulers, Pointers and marking pencils.

Manufacturer: Ben Lorenz Associates, Inc.  /  1965  /  Serial Number 11

Visual Cast Number 3

This unit runs on 115 VAC and gives a visual representation of the meter face of a IM-174( )/PD.
This is an animated transparency which presents simulated indications of dose rates during a survey
flight following a fallout situation.
Measures 16" x 12¼"

Nameplate and Carry Case
Weight of case fully stocked is about 50 pounds.

GTA 5-2-3
Coordinate Scale And Protractor

Department of the Army Graphic Training Aid

Decay and correction factors for fallout.

Visual Cast Numbers 1 & 2 Transparencies
Visual Cast Number 1 consists of 5 overlays which show the contaminated area and the flight legs for
an aerial survey mission.
Visual Cast Number 2 is a Radiological Data Sheet (DA Form 1971-1-R) filled in with fallout readings,
it consists of  4 overlays.

Visual Cast Number 4 & Dose Rate Chart
Visual Cast Number 4 consists of 5 overlays which show a completed survey task.
The dose rate chart consists of 2 overlays.

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