Survey Meter

Manufactured By: Eberline Instrument Corporation
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Measures 0 - 50 mR / h over three scales for gamma.
Indicates 0 - 60,000 CPM over three scales for beta.

This model also has a manually adjustable response time.
Uses (2) "D" size 1½ Volt Batteries and changeable probes with a BNC Connector.
Serial Number: 2726
Dimensions: 6¾" Long x 3½" Wide x 6¾" Tall
This unit is complete and working.

Shown with a Victoreen  model 489-35 end window probe.

Close-up of Meter Face and Control Panel

Inside View : Aluminum Case Bottom and Battery Holder

Inside Views: Left & Right Sides

Calibration Pots for the three scales.
x10 Scale on Left / x1 Scale in Middle / x0.1 Scale on Right

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