United States Military
Department of The Army

Field Manual 105-6-2
Nuclear Play Calculator

March 1964

Field Manual with map overlays shown above.

Map overlays included in both 1;25,000 & 1:50,000 scales:
Horizontal dispersion templates for short, medium and long range cannons.
Horizontal dispersion templates for small and large free rockets.
Horizontal dispersion templates for light, medium, and heavy guided missiles and air-delivered weapons.
Damage circle template.

The nuclear play calculator is designed to provide a simple and convenient means for applying weapon
performance probabilities in determining the actual ground zero and various damage radii resulting from
a nuclear burst simulated during tactical exercises.
To obtain the maximum value from a training standpoint, elements of the target area must be portrayed
in appropriate detail on a map used with the nuclear play calculator. A map scale of 1:50,000 or
1:25,000 is appropriate for this purpose. If a map of the required scale is not available, a grid sheet
showing the most prominent terrain features may be substituted.
To achieve a better evaluation when small, tactical nuclear weapons (less than 100 kilotons) are
employed, the area occupied by the smallest tactical unit (normally a platoon) should be indicated
on the map or sketch used for damage assessment. With very small yield weapons, target detail should
include each individual crew served weapon, tank, and squad size unit.

Download the FM 105-6-2
Nuclear Play Calculator Here.
This is an Adobe® Acrobat PDF File.

Also needed but not included:
Maps with 1:25,000 or 1:50,000 Scale
Three Dice

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