United States Military


US Military IM-156/PD
US Military Issue Radiacmeter
Measures 0 - 5000 Milli-Roentgens Per Hour
Manufactured by: Technical Associates in Burbank, California
 / Serial Number 187
Case Dimensions: 5 ¾" Wide x 9¾" Long x 6½" Tall including handle.
Case is all aluminum.
The calibration pots are under the 3 plugs on right.
Controls include: On / Off / Set (zero) / x1 / x10 / x100

End View
Notice the "B" & "G" levers, they control the beta & gamma shields on the bottom of the unit.
The battery box unplugs and  slides out of the right side to insert batteries.
The cover is held on with 4 screws.

Removeable battery box.

This holds 8 batteries total, 4 on top, 4 underneath.
I do not know what kind are used or the voltage.

Bottom of the unit.
There are two sliding shields that are actuated by the levers at the back of the handle.

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