United States Military


Measures 0 - 500 Roentgens / Hour
 Serial Number: 2701A
Manufactured By: Nuclear Corporation Of America
Unit uses one 1½ Volt dry battery, type BA-3030 or "D" Cell.
Unit Measures: 6½" long x 4¼"wide x 5" tall.
Radiacmeter case item number: CY-2446B/PD

Name Plate shown on left.
Controls shown on right.

The IM-174 series radiacmeter is a portable tactical monitoring and survey instrument designed to measure
the dose rate of gamma radiation. It is normally issued on the basis of one per platoon-size unit.
Once nuclear operations have started company battery troop units use the IM-174 series radiacmeter
 to monitor for radiation. When monitoring reports do not provide sufficient information for evaluation of
contaminated areas, a radiological survey may be directed. The IM-174 series radiacmeter is one instrument
 used to perform radiological surveys which determine the extent and dose rates of radiation in the area.

The IM-174 series radiacmeter is a high-range dose rate meter which measures gamma radiation
 in units from 0 to 500 cGy (rad) /hr. The IM-174A PD may be equipped with an instrument light.
 There are two types of instrument lights, a waterproof type and a non-waterproof type.
The IM-174B PD has a built-in instrument light which is actuated by pushing on the function switch.
The B model is similar to the IM-174A PD in all other capabilities and characteristics.

The IM-174 series radiacmeter consists of three major assemblies:
A radiacmeter housed in a waterproof case, a carrying case composed of vinyl impregnated nylon,
and a canvas sling. The radiacmeter is normally operated within the carrying case.
The carrying case can be carried by either the sling assembly or the belt clip.
Snap fasteners, located on the front and sides of the carrying case, allow removal of the radiacmeter.
The carrying case for the IM-174A/PD has three snap fasteners, one in the front and one on each side.
The carrying case for the IM-174/PD has four snap fasteners, two in the front and one on each side.

The IM-174A/PD and the IM-174B/PD single battery type are similar. The difference between the two models
is that the IM-174A/PD may be equipped with an instrument light and the IM-174B/PD has the instrument
light built in. Meter illumination is completely internal on the B model. Both models have similar operating
and maintenance procedures. There also is a multi-battery type IM-174A/PD.

The IM-174A/PD front panel meter has one scale which reads from 0 to 500 cGy(rad)/hr.
 The scale also contains a zeroing point and a CHECK band. A calibration control covered by a protective
cap is located on the front panel.

Inside View
Note the Ion Chamber is removable.

Front View showing meter face. This model has a light to shine on the meter face.
The button to turn light on is in the center. The light kit uses a separate BA-1391/U battery.
Calibration adjustment is under cap on the lower left.
Battery compartment shown open.

During the starting procedure and the operating procedure, the radiacmeter should be zero-adjusted and
operated while the meter is in the same plane. (For example, if the meter is horizontal with respect to
 the ground during zero-adjustment, the meter should be kept in a horizontal position during the
 remainder of the starting and operating procedures.) If the plane of the meter is changed,
 the meter should again be zero-adjusted; otherwise, incorrect readings may be obtained.

The light assembly shown disassembled.

Government price in 1969: $60.00

Note: This unit and the PDR/27 Series Radiacmeters
have been replaced by the AN/VDR-2

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