United States Navy
Radiac Set


Measures 0 - 500 milliroentgens Per Hour / 4 Range Scales
Measures Gamma, Detects Beta. / Uses 2 Geiger Mueller Tubes
Manufactured By: Admiral Corporation
Uses 5 "D" size 1½ volt batteries. Dimensions: 10" x 5¾" x 7½"
Serial Number : 573

Government cost in 1969: $147.75

AN/PDR-27FX Radiac Set
Includes: CY-1296/PDR-27F Case S/N: 573
Technical Manual & Updates / Headphones / Shoulder Strap
/ Probe Wrench

Field Change 1 : Permits the operation of the 5980/BS-2 GM tube on all ranges.
Field Change 2 : Increases the time constant of the indicating circuit.

Field Change 5 : Convert to use 5 "D" size 1½ volt batteries.

Inside View

Note: The AN/PDR-27 series has been replaced by the AN/VDR-2.

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