United States Navy


United States Navy Radiacmeter IM-38/PDR-8C

0 - 500 milliroentgens per hour - red scale
0 - 50 milliroentgens per hour - green / yellow / red scale
0 - 5 milliroentgens per hour - light green scale
0 - .5 milliroentgens per hour - dark green scale

Manufactured by the Admirial Corporation  -  Serial Number 1429

Top and Bottom
Inside view of removable electronics.

Geiger Mueller tube is located at the top in the above left photograph.
Connector plug for the battery pack is on the left side in the above right photograph.

Left and Right Sides
Inside view of removable electronics.

Top panel view.
Controls include a "A - B - Read" knob on top left. Headphones use a BNC connector on bottom left.
Range selector switch on top right. "Set B" button on bottom right.
The empty hole on the right side is for an extension wand for the probe.
The handle lifts and locks in the carrying position..

Close-up views of meter face and nameplate.
Note the 3 colors on this scale, similar to the IM-179/U.

Inside view of the battery compartment.
This radiacmeter uses 5 batteries total.The only battery numbers I know are the two "BA-15A"
1½ volt ones shown. The aluminum tray on the left side pulls out and holds two batteries, and the last
one goes in the holder above the left BA-15A.

Views of  probe and bottom.
Attached DT-33/PD mica end window probe has a sliding beta shield.
The battery cover is aluminum with rubber attached to the inside to hold batteries secure.

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