Royal Netherlands Army
Koninklijke Nederlandse Landmacht

( Radiological Reconnaisance Meter )

  Nato Stock Number 6665-17-034-9733
Serial Number 6183
Manufactured by: Saphymo-Stel in France
Measures 0 - 500 Rads / Hour
The 3 scales are:  0 - 5 / 0 - 50 / 0 - 500
Uses (2) 1½ volt "D" batteries.
Accessories include manual, external battery tube, and wrench.
Note: External probe not included.

Front control panel and view of the inside.
Note: These were surplused by the Royal Netherlands Army in the early 1980's due to the excess
power consumption of the older electronics, and problems configuring the multivibrator.
Thanks Koen!

View of meter and external battery tube.
This appears to be an "arctic kit", similar to the one used with the AN/PDR-27T, to keep the batteries
warm when used in extreme cold weather.

External Probes for the IM-4175
(this is not in my collection)

Above photograph copyright © 2004 - Oscar Habraeken

Click above to read the IM-3003 manual. In Dutch of course.

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