Canadian Military
Remote Monitoring  Radiacmeter

IM-5015/TD Box Set
Complete Boxed Set
Made of 7 layer plywood and "horsehair" padding around the Indicator and Detector.
This case dimensions are: 23 ½" wide by 20" deep by 8" tall.

Manufactured by: R.H. Nichols Company, LTD       Serial Number: 00612
National Stock Number: 6665-21-104-4904


Inside view with schematics on right.
Click on picture on right for high resolution schematics.
Notice mounting tabs for attaching to wall if needed.
Cable connects at top of unit and connector is protected by a dust cap.
Dimensions are: 9" x 7" x 4"

Measures 0 - 500 Roentgens Per Hour

Battery Holder Board
Unit uses Seven 6.7 volt and two 1.3 volt mercury cells.
Batteries mount on both sides of board.

Detector Unit
The detector mounts on the bracket with four attached screws.
 It is made of aluminum and fiberglass.
Dimensions are: 3½ in diameter and 6" long.

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