Canadian Military
Gamma Survey, Low Range

Manufactured by: Canadian Admiral Corporation, LTD       Serial Number: 00252
NSN: 6665-21-111-9095
Dimensions are: 9" x 4½" x 4½"
Measures 0 - 10 Roentgens Per Hour &
0 - 100 milliroentgens Per Hour
Switch positions are: Off / Battery Check / High Range / Low Range
This unit uses one 6½ Volt "BA1100/U" military battery.

Side Views
Case is cast aluminum with a plastic handle.

Inside View

Battery Compartment on left, a cover screws on over battery.
High and low range calibration pots under plastic caps, on right.

Close-up of meter on left.
Control panel / nameplate on right.

Instructions for use are on nameplate in English and French.
Note: Spots on nameplate caused by owner (me) not following directions on bottle of cleaner.

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