United States Navy
Radiac Set


IM-62A/PDR-10A Radiacmeter
Alpha Radiation Detector
  Measures 0 - 10,000 alpha disintegrations per minute per 150 square centimeters.
This unit has has Field Modifcation Number 1 performed, which multiplies the meter readings by a
factor of 200, giving this radiacmeter a range of 0 - 2,000,000
disintegrations per minute per 150
square centimeters.

Shown with the manual and H-43/U headset.
Download the manual here.....
Manufactured by: Nuclear Instrument And Chemical Corporation  /  Serial Number 881
This unit was manufactured in September 1955

Battery Box & Meter Face
This radiacmeter requires (6) 22½ volt Number 412 batteries for the plate supply and (2) 1.35 volt
Number RG-4B batteries for the filament supply. Batteries last about 40 hours.

Nameplate & Control Panel
The "CHG" position is to charge the storage capacitor for the counting chamber to about 2100 volts.
It is used about once an hour under normal conditions, to keep the capacitor charged. In hot and
humid conditions the capacitor is charged every 5 to 10 minutes.

Inside view of electrical components.
All major components are numbered. This unit is complete, but untested.

Inside view of case bottom.
The electrical connections for the counting chamber is located at the lower left.

Bottom of radiacmeter.
Left is with protective shield open, right with protective shield over counting chamber.
The aluminum foil covering is 0.00025 inches thick, there are 172 21/64 inch diameter holes.

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