United States Navy


Measures 0 - 500 Roentgens Per Hour over 4 Range Scales.
Manufactured By: Tracerlab Incorporated , Boston, MA
With Field Conversion #2 this unit uses (6) BA-30 or BA-3030/U ("D" size) 1½ volt batteries.
 Dimensions: 9½" x 8" x 5"
Serial Number : 1924
Click the picture above to see the condition of this unit when I received it.

IM-75/PDR-18A Radiacmeter meter face and nameplate.
The scales on the meter change and are color coded as follows:
0 - 500 Roentgens Per Hour = Red
0 - 50 
Roentgens Per Hour = Pink (shown above)
0 - 5 
Roentgens Per Hour = Orange
0 - 0.5 
Roentgens Per Hour = Yellow
The zero set and calibrate scales are White.

Inside View
The handle contains a push button for a meter lamp.

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