Model 2612
Geiger Counter

Nuclear Instrument & Chemical Corporation
Model 2612

0 - 60,000 Counts Per Minute /  0 - 20 mR per hour over 3 scales.
Uses (2) 67½ Volt  Eveready type 467 Batteries & (2) 1½ Volt type W-353 batteries.
Serial Number 539
10" Long x  5" Wide x 9" Tall (with probe)
This unit is complete but I have no batteries to test it.
Headphones plug into a standard ¼" jack The end window Geiger Mueller probe uses a
PL-259 Connector.

Left & Right Side Views
Case is aluminum and the probe holder is cast aluminum

Close-up of Meter Face and Logo
Note the "approximate" on the meter face.

Left & Right Inside Views
The Power supply is loose in the battery area on the bottom.

Control Panel
The headphone uses a ¼" jack, the calibration pot is located under the cover on right.

Schematic & Battery Placement Sheets.

Geiger Mueller Probe
This is a mica end window Geiger Mueller probe that operates at 900 volts.
The probe & GM tube are 6½" long, and connects to the Geiger counter with a PL-259 connector.
Nuclear Chicago Probe:  Type 779070 - Serial Number 66-49

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