Omaha Scientific
Supply Company

Geiger-Müller Counter

Omaha Scientific Supply Company
Model TX 6D

Geiger-Müller Counter

This Geiger counter has no indicating meter and no built in speaker. The only indicating is done through a
headset connected by a ¼" phone jack on the top of the case. It uses a detachable probe, and
headphones that I did not receive.
The circuitry uses a 5 micro farad capacitor to increase the voltage available to the Geiger-Müller tube,
instead of using a transformer. The case is made from sheet aluminum and the back is held on by 6 screws.
Serial Number 6172 - This model was probably made in the mid 1950's.

Control Panel & Nameplate
The control panel has a switch to charge the capacitor (start), along with the on / off positions.

Inside View
This model uses four different kinds of batteries.
1 - "D" size 1½ volt battery
1 - Radio "B" battery - 67½ volt - Eveready Number 467 / RCA Number VS 016 or equivalent.
1 - Radio "B" battery - 45 volt -Eveready Number 455 or equivalent.
1 - "B" battery - 300 volt - Burgess U200 / RCA Number VS 093 or equivalent.
The capacitor (top left) must be removed before installing the batteries.

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