Radio Corporation of America
Geiger Counter

Radio Corporation of America - Model WF-12A Geiger Counter
Dimensions: 7¾" Long x 3½" Wide x 7¾" High including handle.
This unit measures 0 - 10,000 Counts Per Minute over 3 scales. The headphone jack is ¼".

Shown with leather carry strap & check source. Serial Number: 1030

The case bottom is stainless steel, the top is aluminum. 2 clips on the other side hold the probe.

Close-up of meter face and controls.
The meter reads in Counts Per Minute only.
Control panel has range selector switch, Zero Reset button, and headphone jack.

Inside Views
This unit uses 5 batteries: 3 each 1½ volt "D" size batteries, and 2 each 67½ volt "B" batteries.

Probe & Geiger Mueller Tube
Probe is 5½" long and 1" in diameter. This probe is solid aluminum and uses the Victoreen 1B85
Geiger Mueller tube.

Carry Strap & Check Source
The carry strap is leather and the check source is on a keychain.
The back of the check source reads:
Contains RADIUM
Less than 1 microgram

It gives a reading of 5 mR/hr combined beta & gamma on my PDR-27T.

Other Models in the RCA line include WF-10A, WF-11A, and the WF-14A.

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