Russian Military
Dosimeter Karmannoi Signalizirujussii
Geiger Counter for pocket with signal.

Complete set with charger.
Charger has a 220 Volt AC 50 Hertz input.

Front And Rear Views
Detector tube is on left side of front,  speaker is mounted at the top of the unit in back,
next to the belt clip. The LED on top flashes with the speaker.
Dimensions: 2½" Wide x  5¾" Tall x 1" Thick

Top View and Control Panel
The black button on top is marked:
Kontrol Pitania / Battery Control
By pushing the button you can lower the sound level from speaker mounted on back,
and the brightness level of the light from the LED, which is next to button.

The control panel on right has three positions marked:
Top switch: Poisk / Find  &  Porog / Level
Bottom switch: Pitanie / Power

Nameplate and Close-up of detector tube.
Serial Number 3178

Inside View
Note 7 batteries in tube at bottom, see more below.

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