Russian Military

Russian Military DP-2  Roentgenometer
Comes with canvas carry case & strap.

Measures 0 -200 Roentgens Per Hour
3 Scales: 0 - 2 / 0 - 20 / 0 - 200 R/Hr
The scales are direct reading for measurements taken on foot.
If mounted in a vehicle, multiply the reading by:
(2)  if in an automobile,
for an armoured transport, and
for use in a tank, to account for the attenuation factor of the vehicle.
Note: the DP-3 Roentgenometer is designed for vehicle use.
Dimensions: 9" Wide x 6" deep x 5" tall.
Uses two 1.6 MPTs-V-8 batteries under lid on left side, and one 1.6 MPTs-V-8
under the silver color screw cap / meter light switch on the lower left.
Controls are:
Upper left hand knob is for "zero drift" control.
Black push button on top in middle is the "calibration" switch.
Selector knob on right has: Off , Zero Control , and the three range scales.
Note: I did not get a manual for this unit. All information on this unit comes from:
Civil Defense, A Soviet View  Authors: P.T. Yegorov / A. Shlyakhov / N.I. Alabin

A very special thank you to Kurt Engelmann for locating this information for me.

Inside views of the DP-2 Survey Meter
The brown bakelite at bottom is the ion chamber.
Calibration pots for the three scales are shown in the right photograph,
 the voltage adjust pot (smaller one) is just to the left of the scale pots.
All components are hand numbered inside.

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