Russian Military
Dosimeter Set

Inside View
Inside View Of DKP-50-A Dosimeter

Russian Military DP-24 Dosimeter Set
This is a Model ZD-5 dosimeter charger with 5 DKP-50-A dosimeters in a fiberglass case.
Comes with instruction manual, and maintenance log book.

The charger and dosimeters are made of aluminum.
Charger uses two 1½ Volt 1.6-PMTs-V-8 batteries. See Note Below.
There are plastic covers over the charging end that must be removed before charging.
Measures 0 - 50 Roentgens
Note: The manuals for this unit are in Russian.
Dimensions: 5" Wide x 7¾" deep x 6" tall.
Set Serial Number: EP1627816 / Charger Serial Number: AN1638582
The dosimeters are all marked DKP-50-A on the viewing scale and are not serial numbered.
The dosimeters are marked "1" through "5"

View of  ZD-5 charger and DKP-50-A dosimeters.

Inside View Of ZD-5Charger

To use "D" size batteries in this unit , use a RadioShack® "D" Battery Holder.
The item number is 270-386A. Connect the red lead to the far left post (+) and the black
lead to the far right post (-).It works great and is easier than finding russian batteries.
It fits right inside the battery box and the lid closes.

Cost of holder: About US $2.00

This illustration is from the manual included with this set.
It clearly identifies the various parts of the dosimeter.

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