Russian Military
Geiger Counter

Russian Military DP-5B  Geiger Counter
Russian Mlitary DP5B
Measures: 0 - 200 Roentgens Per Hour
0 - 5000 Milliroentgens Per Hour
Unit has six ranges that are switch selectable.
Probe shown with beta shield open. Check source is mounted on cover flap.
Internal lights for meter reading, and a faux leather case.

Uses (3) 1½ volt 1.6-PMTs-Kh-1.5 batteries.
Meter serial number: G1622311
Note: Plastic stand for photographs only - not included.

DP-5B  Geiger Counter

Russian Military DP-5B  Geiger Counter Boxed Set
Russian Mlitary DP5B
Everything packed in an Olive Drab painted plywood box. This box has steel corners and hardware.
Case Dimensions: 19½" wide x 10½" deep x 5" tall.
Included in this set: instruction manual  - 32" telescopic wand to hold probe
headphones - spare light bulbs and gasket set - 3 / 6 / 12  Volt DC external battery adapter - 2 carry straps
 screwdriver - plastic probe covers

Russian Military DP-5B Geiger Counter Inside Views

Russian Military DP-5B Geiger Mueller Probe
With beta shield open and closed.

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