Russian Military
Radioactivity Indicator

Russian Military DP-63-A
Radioactivity Indicator
This unit uses two Geiger Müller tubes. One is for the  0.1 - 1.5 R/hr scale,
and the other is for the 1.5 - 50 R/hr scale.
The DP-63-A has a sliding beta window that is opened by pushing the button
on the top of the meter.
This meter uses two type 1.6 PMTs-X-1.05 dry cells.
The batteries are tested by pressing both range
switches on the front panel simultaneously, it must go past the "5"  on the scale
for the batteries to be good. With new batteries, the needle will deflect to the
far right of the scale.
To use the DP-63-A, press the 1.5 R/hr scale button, if the meter reads
off the scale, press the 50 R/hr button.
To read beta radiation, press the beta button on the top of the unit to open
the beta shield while pressing the 1.5 scale button on the front.
Note: Beta check source is in the case.
This is a small meter, the dimensions are:
5¾" Wide x 4" Deep x 3" Tall

Front View With Battery Compartment Cover On & Off

Back View Showing Beta Window And Beta Shutter

Top And Side Views Showing Calibration Alignment Marks and Beta Shutter Button

Inside View Of Top
All components hand numbered.

Inside View Of Bottom

Inside View Showing Geiger Müller Tubes
Each of the two ranges uses a separate tube.

Front Cover Of User Manual
Note: Calibration Logbook is part of this manual.
Dates inside indicate this unit was put into service in 1969

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