British Military

NSN 6665-99-776-8050
Self Indicating Dosimeters
Measures 0 - 200 Centigray
Serial Numbers: 678812 & 681235
Manufactured By: R.A. Stephen & Co. Ltd
Note: Plastic covers provided for protection of both ends.

Dosimeter No. 3
Self Indicating Dosimeter
Measures 0 - 50 Roentgens
NSN 6665-110003
Serial Number: S17999
Note: Plastic cover provided for protection of charging end only.
Packed in an aluminum tube with screw cap and desicant.

Radiacmeter Personal Locket Dosimeter
This dosimeter uses a radiophotoluminiscent glass and pin diode in a lead lined nylon wrist locket.
This is a non-self indicating dosimeter, it requires a dosimeter reader.
Measures 0 - 1000 Roentgens
NSN 6665-99-225-2314

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