Universal Atomics
Model 700

Universal Atomics Model 700
This is a transistorized survey meter that uses a Geiger-Mueller tube as the detector, operating at 900 volts.
The range is 0 - 50 milliroentgens per hour, over 3 scales.
This is the commercial version of the Civil Defense Universal Atomics CD V-700.
Unlike the Civil Defense version which is made from yellow plastic, this version is made from aluminum
and painted flat black. The probe contains an Anton Electronics 114/6993 Letter "S" Geiger Mueller tube.
Serial number is 5190.

Left and right inside views.
The green painted battery holder swings open to insert 5 "D" size 1½ volt batteries.

Inside view with battery box open.

Close-up of meter face & check source.

Control panel showing sticker over the Universal Atomics information.
Check out Robert Hoopers model here.

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