Victoreen Model 61720
Fallout Detection Meter

Complete Set  Out Of Box
Serial Number : 1787
Take the lower beta shield housing off a Victoreen CD V-720, put on a
Victoreen CD V-700 lower case, without check source, re-number it and sell it to the public.
Measures 0-500 Roentgens Per Hour
Includes Instruction & Maintenance Manual & Hang Card ... No mention of a shoulder strap.

Notice Model & Serial Plate placed
over molded in information.

Click photograph for closer view.

Inside view with schematics in case.
Uses  Two 1½ Volt "D" Batteries.

Side by Side view of top.
CD V-720 on left / Model 61720 on right

 Side by Side view of bottom.
 CD V-700 case on left / 61720 case on right. 

CD V-720 on left / Model 61720 on right.

The meter tells what it really is.

Electrometer Model 125

As Received : Box / Manual / Strap ... All Original Victoreen
Distributed by: Technological Transfer Laboratory
Not much done to hide the fact it is a Victoreen CD V-710 Model 5.
Serial Number  - No 22½ Volt Battery Modification
The CD V-710 information is still under the model tag.

Back of  box with new stock number stenciled on.
Receipt from Herbach & Rademan Inc. showing price paid in 1974, click to see larger view.
They are still doing business here ... H&R Company

Top: Victoreen CD V-710 Model 5
Bottom: Electrometer Model 125

Do you remember seeing this advertisement?

Thanks to: The Civil Defense Museum

Advertisement copy courtesy of Eric Green at: The Civil Defense Museum

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