Thyac III

Radiation Survey Meter

Victoreen Thyac III  /  Victoreen 489-35 End Window Probe
I did not receive any manuals or other accessories with this unit.
This model has been tested and is in full working condition.

The Victoreen Thyac III uses the same housing as the Civil Defense model CD V-700 and is painted
in a matte finish gray paint.

Close-up Views of Control Panel & Meter Face
Measures 0 - 200 mR / h over four scales for gamma.
Indicates 0 - 800,000 CPM beta.
This model also has a manually adjustable response time.
This unit uses headsets with the Civil Defense type connector.
The Geiger Mueller probe is detachable via a BNC connector.
(Thanks George)

Note: Probe holder removed for photograph of control panel.

Inside Views Of Left & Right Sides

Comparison of Victoreen Probe (Top) And U.S. Navy PDR-27 Probe
Victoreen Probe Model 489-35  /   Serial Number 101R

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