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Raytomic by Atomic Research Corporation

Here are Richard's comments about this unit.....

I was given this device recently by a friend who knows I have interest in many odd things. My friend obtained it along with a bunch of goods he bought in a storage lot auction here in Colorado Springs, Co. I have not discovered much about the "Atomic Research Corporation" that was here in Colorado Springs.

My best guess is that this unit was intended for prospecting as it doesn't have a meter, just the earpiece. Inside still looks to be in great shape. The unit was powered by a "D" cell and an "Eveready model 493" 300VDC battery. The technology used is tube based, hence the high voltage battery.

It came with a leather shoulder strap (not pictured). The whole thing looks like a prototype, lots of evidence that it is hand made. I could not find a model number on this or in it.

If anyone has any information about this unit, please e-mail it to the webmaster and I will post it here.

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